American Buckeye

The only American chicken to be developed entirely by a woman. Mrs. Nettie Metcalf developed the breed that was entered into the APA in 1905. It is a cold hardy, dual purpose breed, laying a large brown egg and good meat producer. Although a slow grower, they well worth the wait when you place one of these on your table. People friendlyand good foragers

Kiko Goats

What is a Kiko?
The Kiko goat was developed [by Goatex Group LLC of New Zealand] in the temperate climate of New Zealand in the late 1970’s. These goats derive from the original imports of British milch goats introduced in the late eighteenth century to provide sustenance for whalers and sealers prior to New Zealand's colonization.

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Bourbon Red Turkey

Interesting story on why we choose the Bourbon Red Turkey to add to our homestead. In years past, we always wanted fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so around September would go to the local poultry auction buy three nearly grown jakes, It didn't matter the breed, just some turkeys to finish raising and have ready for the holidays.



Buckeye/Cornish Hybrid

This is a particular hybrid we are working with, looking for good egg production, efficient feed to meat ratio, can live to adult hood and reproduce naturally, as well as be pleasing to look at. Good addition to any homestead looking for a dual purpose breed.


What is a peafowl? Isn't that a peacock?
Great questions! A male is called a peacock, whereas a female is called a peahen. Collectively then, they are called peafowl. Can you guess what a baby one is called? You guessed it! A peachick!